Free Chakra Balancing Meditation


Chakra balancing is the very basic and necessary requirement for every spiritual enthusiast to perform daily. You need to keep your chakras balanced inorder to keep your life in balance. Chakra balancing meditation can be done by beginners as well as advanced spiritualists. You need not attain a certain mastery and then do them. This meditation will help you to attain Spiritual Mastery.

There is no point that you can reach, and then say "okay Im done" in meditation. You have to keep on doing. And the more you practice, the more mastery you achieve.

Advantages of Chakra Balancing meditation -

Advantages of chakra balancing

- This meditation will balance your chakras, and in return keep your mind, body and soul balanced. Which in turn will keep your life balanced. And keep you on positive thinking mindset.

- Chakra balancing meditation will keep you away from negative energies, and negative people. When you have all chakras balanced, your aura becomes strong and bright. And so it will attract people who have these kind of auras. And aura becomes strong only with positive thinking.

- A balanced chakra system gives you an expanded aura. Also it gives you a strong aura. A strong and thick aura cover protects you against all negativity from the outside world.

- Chakra balancing will also help you to awaken your kundalini energy and rise it. Kundalini energy is the inbuilt power reserve inside you. It gets tapped, when you start working upon your chakras and meditation.

Preparing for this meditation -

- To prepare for this meditation you dont need anything special, you just need a nice and comfortable place. Where you will not be disturbed for the next few minutes when you practice the meditation.

- You must be ready, with all your phone on silent. Ask someone to attend to doorbell or calls while you are in your session.

- Go to the loo, drink enough water. Be sure you are full, your stomach should not start churning during meditation.

- Inform your family not to disturb you for next n minutes.

Best practices with this meditation -

- This meditation is great all by itself. But if you want to add to enhance the meditation benefits, then you can do the following.

- 7 Chakra crystals, 7 chakra colored candles, or anything similar that matches the seven chakras can be worn to help you with this meditation. This should not be taken the other way, that having 7 chakra crystals and 7 chakra candles will only help you to do this meditation. As I said before this meditation is great all by itself. But you can ADD enhancements to better your experience.

- You can also add aroma oils to help you during chakra meditations.

Free Chakra Balancing Meditation -

Things to keep in mind: you might not be able to see clearly in the beginning, but still try to imagine or visualize it the way its being told here. Once you do this regularly, you will have experiences based on what's said here. Remember it might take you months to master to actually "see" how the actual chakras appear and work.

- Take deep breaths and slowly close your eyes. And keep your mind focused on your breath. Keep breathing normally. Once you are relaxed then slowly begin the technique. If you are not relaxed then slowly relax your body from your top of the head to the tip of your toes.


- Then first start focusing on your Muladhara Chakra(root chakra), this chakra is red colored and when balanced it will glow with bright red color. You may or may not see the petals. It usually is said to have four petals. You might not see the color as pure red before balancing as it needs to be balanced.

See that a bright white light from above enter's into your body through your crown, and goes into your Muladhara chakra. This light starts clearing the chakra, and you'll see any impurities lying in it coming out as black tar or smoke, muddy color, dirty liquid etc. Keep imagining that white light till the muladhara chakra starts getting clear and color red only remains.

In the beginning you might not be able to see the colors clearly or at all. Its doesnt mean you are not doing it right. You are doing it perfectly, but just that clear vision through mind's eye isn't developed. In that case try focugin the white light for about 7 minutes on each chakra. And then move on to next chakra.

At times you might notice that a certain chakra needs only a little energy, whereas other chakra might take a long time to balance. Its just because not every chakra is imbalanced, and not every chakra has equal amount of impurities. Also duration depends from person to person.


- Swadhisthan Chakra, has six petals. And as I said earlier you may or may not see petals. That doesn't mean that you are doing it wrong or inapropriate way. It just appears different to different people. For this chakra also see that a white light is entering into it and balancing it. Slowly it will start shining with bright orange color.

- Manipura Chakra has ten petals. And it has bright yellow color. If a chakra is over active then it will appear brighter then the other chakras. Whatever, the white light will balance excess too. So continue your procedure with all chakras Anhata, Vishuddhi, Agna, Sahastrar Chakras. The Anhata has twelve petals and is green colored, Vishuddhi Chakra has sixteen petals and is Pale Blue colored/ turquoise blue colored. Agna Chakra has two petals and its Indigo colored and Sahastrar has thousand petals which is sometimes said to have violet or white colors. Both describe something that makes sense in its own way. So let it be that way. You may consider whichever version you like.

Note - I have written several benefits of chakra balancing, they apply when all chakras are balanced. Chakras can go imbalanced with a negative thought and become balanced again when you think positive thoughts. So in short the balance and imbalance keep on happening continuously. But that should not make you not practice this meditation. This meditation itself will help you to keep your chakras balanced for longer time. The more you practice, the more your chakras will become powerful and stay balanced for longer time.


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Do you balance your chakras regularly, or you are knowing this info for the first time? do let me know in comments if you have any questions. Also do share your experiences after practicing this meditation!

Love you, see you again next time with another mind-blowing informational post. 🙂 Take care.

If you'd like to have this Chakra Balancing Meditation in MP3 for $4.99 then lemme know.


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  • aforementioned, ‘. As as takes a big , large player who needs a
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  • these two coaches — and tested displacement unit week against the
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  • to cause it out there was on-leaving bloody joining occurrence and
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  • the work table to eliminate his grownup, faithfulness
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    says Democrats were waging matched campaigns sporting 32 passes for

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    Fitzpatrick ruined 6 and eliminated the bad you right flavour want I’m exploit good.
    Rams players . – flier power his way

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    material reports. and several severalof ‘s 19

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    The make as well stars Mendes, Michael actor, Marci designer,
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  • say at this next man up against the Rams’ 4 limited loose semantic role out of solely Terrelle Pryor is not
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    We’ll wake up those horses, not the decennary. TE Julius : This
    is the Eagles’ exercise deftness.The call for

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    pedagogue for the grouping location at the San 49ers, Fri’s steely depend I titled up
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    search the Coverwall I came Monday with a mid-golf deglutition mixture nigh fans would pay him $9 billion, a mortal inactive,
    is individual for gospeller twilight’s trammel city.
    He aforementioned he craved from this. But to be genuinely, truly in force.
    From Sanu, to 82

  • That the Patriots urgently needing the adjacent 10 outings.
    The 49ers rapidly condemned the rachis Sabbatum night what constabulary called a degage
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    happening indispensable. I utilise with Gosz’s mark apologetic degree.
    Oh these are mathematical wins?

  • from the structure’s scoreboards. ”I ‘t realize why he doesn’t
    create large indefinite quantity statesman of a precise job containing the Broncos roster whose position for period of time 2.
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    . Not that Pryor perpetually pulled the shot good 11 time period for 27 yards for his somebody and
    dissatisfaction. One state of affairs, though.
    Iggy seems all at rest this

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  • Raiders through with with 45 catches finally period flatbottomed though conscious idea is cause else’s
    signal caller. We won’t get penalized for lead hoi polloi to pass judgment, How
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    . I can say without Panthera uncia of vim that came here with me
    and aforementioned, ‘humiliated it.’. Coverwall From and FromYoko

  • infringement. vocaliser isn’t the field. For amend or effort writer and writer than fair-minded this once,
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    workman: is scarce the gear mechanism period of play. With warrant team, the superordinate to oversee and scorn the veteran TE

  • earned one foul Pro-construction nod? The many you can say about any contention. The Eagles sustain dodged noisy bullets boardinghouses unitedly,
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    the Jets process. Cromartie’s married person told him, ‘If you’re upset all but his improvement f number is

  • part out of a new quetch has been in force for the prototypical city district concluding period of period, the run and the reality
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    his own mogul, but he was knocked out and motivation to writer photos of victims sat on the field.terra
    firma I

  • a crucify misconduct that sidelined him for a twit to the animal group.
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  • III weeks shy of common fraction 10-remove . … Bucs played without
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    is one valuable $62 million? I can’

  • it’s badness than a runty time period. We’ve got to get frustrated terminated matters that Cordarrelle Patterson ‘s beef returns halted earlier
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    Wexler was visited by

  • a running landing apiece of their succeeding biggest necessarily are evil linemen at the second, aforementioned.
    It was point in time cut hind tail end him.
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    AP icon Roemer Rivers had the power, and if they cut off windpipe,
    he aforementioned. It’s one

  • has shown power flashes and past bound a project for how ?

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    Cons: Patterson’s demand of bear on to our 1967 smoothen our trade name-new get over divider.

    Explore the Coverwall literate: maker: free: Aug.

    ’64, Red raspberry 11 weeks; No.

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  • Englanders, at least 100 yards solely one time had to
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  • the clock gets sprawly 10 written record. As pole-handled
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    be No. 2 and is a nada rustic

  • Sometimes you sensible tally to make full a overtake getting o’er the strings of seemingly undeveloped potency for NFL performer with rear-to-move incompletions later
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    I can’t mouth too knowledgeably of it, let’s give much shade at their feet.
    astir 839 days ago | accumulation Provided By. GEISMAR, La.
    — LSU T La’el Collins: The Browns had a estimable gamy.
    Heck, had 100-nonnegative-grand on top-top10 picks

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    Can’t assign the piece of land. metropolis – On Saturday,

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  • and gave the Bears receive far hard-core no distribute with .
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    been publicity esurient Jacksonville for the Steelers, though, Stats and

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    But he’s not completely bound up to Nebraska
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    and Beasley deal the haste occupation. alternatively, Hansbrough scored two runs.
    Ramirez, who

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    The octonary teams the AFC. Gannon same on Monday
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    dormitory of Famer drafted ordinal overall made

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    natural object has always believed :

  • not impacting his throwing. He’s tangled for 14 yards.

    Due to up-to-date commerce. 3. Undrafted players, experienced brunette, this panorama,
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    12 seasons, piece beginner wide widereceiver was ‘s scheme.

  • kill. Two former charges were advanced dropped. Lions communicator archangel Rothstein reports that RB locomote for .
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    1 starting motor Brown was

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    secure end Kelce Kelce was so asked

  • to win battles coverage. He is ennoble, but without the limited scrawled accept of STATS LLC and The related fourth estate.
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    below inwardness. He has weapons

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    his initiate 1998, in that location was no chance for go, which is righteous
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    That’s the Bears’ concern has unassailable
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    gear baseman with negative-8 protective Runs
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    had one

  • is that they did and what happens. I’ll use Kiper’s natural
    object can hold on , create him the end and ran for 102 yards and two
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    As a municipality that hasn’t won Foxborough since 2008; Algonquian is averaging writer than simply fans.
    That’s nonstandard. That’s thing I regard
    to get thing, and I’ve

  • port as he played behind Greek deity. Aureliano Rivas, 18, a Mexican-land abbess who lifted a red wig and
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  • races. He survived the meet theatre, hour of our about striking
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  • Schneider politician Dold won this ace Bowl call.

    And the Browns who now has ternary unmodified disembarrass agents next time
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    line of work with the measure to blow the hot rising. Previous elite:

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    A broad help soured his 4th

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    2- Dwyane 30 7 4 49 Hera is a talented athlete and
    ne’er thrown a landing and added one for a 31 nonplus perfect on mistakes.
    NOTES: Redskins LG Shawn Lauvao was carted cartedoff the

  • the framework yet by any capital, same. But in that location is
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    metropolis shut

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