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Monday, 20 October 2014

How to have good Health, and Maintain it?

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Weekly Tarot Reading for 20th to 26th October 2014

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Eating right....

Eating right is the first good thing for your body.
People today take exercising, yoga, gymming, aerobics etc a lot more important. But exercising comes second. We exercise inorder to keep the body fit. But what's the body composed of? what does it make it go on and on when you are working?
Well yes energy, and that energy comes from food that we eat.
Food is the first most important thing if you are health conscious or body conscious. Your body will build according the food that you put in.

There are lots of discussions from health experts, nutrition specialists, doctors or dietitians. Which one to follow is tricky, as sometimes views from two top experts of different fields might differ; and what happens then? ordinary man gets confused! And then doesnt think further and just continues with his normal, junk food diet.

Well there is no background music in real life!

What does this mean? Filmy heroes have this background music that warns them of danger, but do we have it? Well no, so a normal man continues to eat all sorts of junk until a huge problem comes up. We all know that eating junk food, unhealthy food or chemical additive foods surely are not good but we still keep eating them.
Your body is a tool given by nature to help you live healthily so that you can live better life while you complete your life purpose. Even if you dont eat well you still have that life purpose to complete. So if you dont take care of your body then you will have to still do your work in pain in future.

What kind of foods to eat?
If you dont follow any huge diet plans for health improvement then too its fine! Just remember that eating raw & boiled foods is very good. Dont try to eat just this, I know most over enthusiastic people want to follow this when they are very motivated. But after few days their motivation drops and then again shift to junk foods.
Instead try to include raw & boiled foods regularly in your diet along with your normal food. This will help you to continuously include food that helps you to detox your body.

What to make your thumb rule?
Try to include cholesterol-free oil to your diet strictly. This one rule is a compulsion for all. Try to lessen fats from your diet.

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Professional Tarot Reading course –

(Duration 10 Days, 90 mins daily)

professional tarot reading course
Professional Tarot Reading course is meant for those people who very well know they want to learn Tarot and give professional readings.All 10 days teaching will be done Live and not through any recorded videos or audio. Learn with me in real time.
Tarot Reading is an art of divination used since many centuries to predict the future, getting advice, finding answers to troubling questions of life, getting directions to take next step etc.
Also Tarot Reading is considered as a promising method to predict future like astrology, palmistry and other modes of fortune telling.
Learning Tarot Reading can be a huge challenge in itself, as you have this responsibility of foretelling future which people are going to rely on. This can sound fun if you are taking this lightly, but if you are planning to practice it professionally then this can be a huge load on your mind as your answers will affect somebody’s life entirely.

What is so special about my Professional Tarot Reading Course?

I tried to learn Tarot on my own first, then learnt it from a teacher, then took up courses from American Tarot Association also read couple of books, blogs etc to increase my knowledge and give readings accurately. With this I devised my own way of predicting with Tarot which helps you to understand each card’s meaning easily. Also you will be taught how to read each card intuitionally. Following guidance of intuition itself is the biggest green flag that assures that your readings will be 100% accurate.

Why do you have to pay such big price for the course?

Well the course that you will be learning will be a professional level course, and this course will teach you tarot once and for all. You will not have to go to any other courses again once you take this course(When you follow all the guidance 100%). So this price will be a lifetime investment in your education. And once you become a professional you will be able to cover this fees in a short period of time.

What do you get with this course?

With this course you will get an easy to follow e-book manual that you can use for quick reference regularly.
Please note, you wont be getting any cards with this course. As I believe that the cards that you buy should be the ones that attract you. Being attracted to any deck will make you connect to that with deck instantly, which will boost up your readings.
Once you finish this course you will get a Certificate of Completion of this course.  [In India postage is free, for other countries you have to pay $20 USD for shipping the certificate.]

What you learn - 

- In depth meaning of each card, plus tips how to memorize each card.
- How to read tarot intuitionally, which will help you to memorize each card easily and not just mug up meanings.
- How to give out accurate readings with confidence.
- How to charge or your readings, how to confidently charge while knowing you have given worthy readings.
- How to be very sharp in giving your readings, making your predictions/ advice 100% dependable.
- How to keep getting clients & give them satisfactory readings.
- Spreads & different other methods to use for reading.
- How to become a tarot Professional & maintain your Tarot business.
- Tips & Tricks to help you set up a part time/ full time tarot business.

What can you do after this course’s completion?

Once you finish this course I suggest that you practice readings for atleast one month and then go professionally. This will help you build confidence and know how accurate your readings are getting. I myself practiced for 3 yrs before getting professional with this. This will also help you develop your business sense of dealing with clients.

Who should take this course?

I believe the people who are very sure that they would want to convert their love for Tarot into a profession should take this course.
I would like to give a warning sign here, if you think you will be able to earn huge chunks of money with Tarot Reading as a profession; then you should not take this course. Tarot reading should be taken as a profession when you have a feeling of helping people in trouble. Earning money for it will be a by-product.
So take this course if you want to help people through Tarot readings, and not just if you see as a healthy mode of income.

What are the details about this course, what is the schedule of it?

This course is broken down in parts to help make you learn it easily. Its broken down in 10 steps and you will be learning each step slowly. You will get ample time to learn each lesson before we move to the next lesson; as there will be a 24 hour gap after each lesson.
After the course completes, on  11th Day you will be giving me a short Test via phone or skype. And then you can expect your certi to reach you within 2 weeks time. If you wish to take the test later on then you can do anytime within a month of taking this course.

Fees –

Rs.9500/- INR or $200 USD
Time - 
5 pm to 6:30 pm in English
9 pm to 10:30 pm in Hindi

Tarot Deck Recommendations -

Tarot Deck you choose should be the one which attracts you towards it. You should feel drawn towards its artistry or colors or pictures. You can check the sample pictures of cards of these decks here.
If you would like to check out more decks then these then go here. Make sure you buy a Rider Waite deck.
These decks might seem expensive for few of you whose finances are tight. But tarot deck is a one time investment and the same deck can be used for years and years.

The Universal Tarot and Radiant Rider waite decks given here are basic decks. Buy them only of you are attracted towards its artistry.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Financial Freedom, a way to prosper

In Hindi 

I have seen many people complaining about money problems, and financial crisis. They say they dont know what is making these problems come again and again in their lives.

This program like my Tarot Reader's Webinar is available for $5 USD(Rs.300/-) only once, on 17th of August 2014 10am IST. After which it will become a standard  paid session for $50 USD. So all those who are complaining about money or finances and cannot pay for professional session please join me during this almst free event.

What will be covered in this session - 
How to bring financial freedom
How to earn enough to fulfill all your needs
How to stay financially independent for now and forever
How to prosper and start becoming rich

Please go here to register for this meeting

Date - 17th August 2014

Time Duration - 10 am to 11 am IST.

What you get - You will get 2 e-books worth $25 USD & $10 USD each.

What you can expect from the webinar - You can expect to learn how to bring financial security for you and your family. There is no magic that is going to happen in this meeting, so please dont expect that you will become rich after attending this webinar. You can become rich after you follow the steps given in this webinar program consistently for few months/ years. And I can assure you that you wont run out of money then after.

You will have to register at the link given above, and you will get a welcome email. Please follow the details to check your computer for any technical issues. If you have any issues repair them according to the mentioned guidance prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Why am I offering these ebooks at such cheap rates?
I am giving away these ebooks, which can make about $25 & $10 USD if I sell it on online sites. But as financial problems come with a limitation of finances I would like to give away these ebooks at almost no cost free with this webinar. You can read these books easily on your computer or smartphones with adobe reader or any other ebook reading app.

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